Any one of these can be a sign that your team does not feel they are valued and this leads to toxicity. Cultural entropy is dangerous, and spreads like wildfire.

The CTT assessments provide an affordable, comprehensive, and tangible depiction of the culture of your organisation.

As a Certified Facilitator, I work with you to interpret the results and determine the best course of action to achieving not just a healthy, but a vibrant organisational culture moving forward!
• Individual and Organisational Values assessment and interpretation.
• A set of espoused Values to inform your various Stakeholders of WHO you are.
• Better Brand Alignment.
• Revisit, or creation of a clear Vision, Mission and Purpose.
• Re-energized teams- full of purpose and synergy (getting to the WHY).
• Identification of your target consumer stakeholder and the needs of that target.
• A roadmap to meet the needs and achieve values alignment with all Stakeholder Groups.
• Leadership Development and Coaching support.
• Strategies in place to meet systemic challenges.
• Development of strategic partnerships/alliances.
• A plan to achieve sustainability.
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Corporate or Organisational Culture describes the unique way of "being" and "doing" when a group of people share an identity such as a nation, a school, a business, or a non-profit.

Once you are more than one, you have culture!

Your culture defines who you are, and what you stand for. How you put these into practice determines health and viability and can make or break your organisation!

The bottom line is, healthy and vibrant Organisations attract and retain talented people, who thrive in a values rich environment resulting in profit and sustainability.
In today's world it has become necessary to approach how we do business in a way that not only acknowledges culture, but also promotes, fosters and curates it as an essential factor! Gone are the days where employees check their personalities and personal lives at the time clock.

Today's employers face a new paradigm that makes it essential to acknowledge the individual values of their employees if they ever hope to achieve their organisational objectives. The most successful operations today have honed in on this fact, and invest into getting to know what makes their employees tick.

People want to work in an environment that is both empowering and supportive to them in actualising their unique potential. Employees want to feel their workplace cares about their future as much as they do. They want to work in organisations that are not only great places to work, with highly motivated people around them, but that also embrace social responsibility, and contribution to society. People want to work where they feel a strong sense of values-alignment, and where they feel inspired by the organisation's vision and mission!

When harmony exists between all stakeholder groups (employees, consumers, suppliers, and society) an organisation experiences healthy culture and reaps the benefits of engaged employees, higher profitability and ultimately, increased sustainability.
Leadership takes on many forms. Whether you are leading an organisation, managing a team, driving change through a philosophy, leading a movement, or even raising a family, the foundation to all great leadership, is self-actualization.

Values based leaders recognise success is determined by how they engage and interact with all their stakeholders: People, Customers and Society. The health of each stakeholder relationship is essential to success. After all, leadership is in the eyes of the led.

By functioning as the engineers of culture, leaders have an uncontested ability to inspire greatness within an organisation.  They also hold great responsibility as WHO you are as leaders individually, is automatically transferred through your actions and behaviours to all of your stakeholder groups. Leadership today requires those in this role to emulate integrity and authenticity as well as, be open to personal transformation in all that you do.

Your values as leaders are deeply rooted and reflected in all the structures, policies, systems, procedures and incentives of the group/organisation. It is impossible for this to not effect the culture. As a result, any hope of transformation within an organisation must begin with the personal transformation of the leader(s). If the leaders don’t change, the culture won’t change. Period.

It is my prerogative to help guide leaders to exercise the fundamental values that create positive corporate culture.  Understanding YOUR values creates a platform to discover personal motivations and how those impact team engagement and productivity of the organisation.

Together we will create a personal leadership vision and mission statement, which provides the skeleton to becoming a GREAT leader. Integrating your defined values and implementing the methods taught throughout the development sessions, will allow you to provide feedback and coaching for others, and positively affect decision making which contribute to creating a progressive and vibrant organisational culture.
Is your Culture working for you?

Rather than relying on the measurement of outputs, and outcomes, I will dive deeper and work with you utilising a unique set of diagnostics created by the Barrett Values Centre called the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT).

A Cultural Assessment can be a valueable tool used to celebrate and validate a vibrant culture, deepen employee engagement, foster leadership, and promote sustainability for your organisation. It can also be used to diagnose and treat a culture in danger.

Does your organisation experience any of the following?

• Decrease in employee engagement?
• High turnover?
• An increase in sick time, lateness?
• Decrease in productivity?
• Are your profits not where they should be?
• An increase in closed door conversations?