• 15+ years’ experience in Workshop Facilitation & Creation, Adult Education, Professional Development and Coaching.
• Over 20 years as an Advocate, Educator, Speaker and Coach in Diversity & Inclusion best practices.
• Masters Certificate in Values Based Leadership from Royal Roads University.
• Level 2 Certified Consultant with the Barrett Values Centre to deliver and interpret the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT).
• Co-Active Trained Coach with The Coaches International (CTI)
• Extensive experience in the study, and implementation of collaborative best practices.
• Vast management experience in the Non-Profit Sector.
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Sandie Price is a dynamic, articulate, insightful, and passionate speaker, facilitator, consultant, and coach who is able to guide her clients through often tough transformative shifts in perspective and practice with humour, compassion and a healthy dose of humility.

She works with people who want to make a difference, find meaning and unearth purpose and passion in their lives, their careers, and their relationships guided by their values.

Sandie also works as a Consultant and Facilitator with Organisations who want to be more welcoming to diverse populations.

Her purpose- “to positively impact the perspective of how we see people, and how we, as people see the world”, drives her passion and commitment to ensure authentic inclusion and citizenship is actualised for all.
I talk way too fast, collect rocks, and see trees as Shaman here to guide us. I take a tonne of pictures, fancy myself a bit of an urban farmer, world traveler, and I sing in the car.
I live by my values which you can see here...
I am a mom, love the smell of lemons, and am more than a bit of a nerd, especially when it comes to Harry Potter.

I own over 400 pairs of shoes, believe coffee is the nectar of the gods, and will always stand up for the underdog!

But because I know you can’t use this to introduce me as a Consultant to your Board, or as a Speaker at your next event, here is my fancy Bio.
and follow a practice of what I call “still”  which is a simple way of being present and mindful in my life.